Classes are held in-person at Kortright Presbyterian Church, 55 Devere Drive, Guelph.

Each class comprises 6 sessions, usually two weeks apart (watch out for the exceptions to the rule!). The class day starts at 9:30 am. After a morning welcome and information period of 10-15 minutes, we get right to the instruction. Instruction and stitching carry on until noon. Most bring a brown bag lunch and join the other stitchers for some relaxed socialization. At 1 o’clock we’ll have a speaker or special project or trunk show until 2 pm.

Are you doing some advance planning? You might like to know that the dates of our meetings will be:


Dates for 2024-25
Registration Sept 10
Class 1 Sept 17
Class 2 Oct 1
Class 3 Oct 15
Class 4 Oct 29
Class 5 Nov 12
Christmas Workshop Nov 26
Class 6 Dec 3
Class 1 Jan 14
Class 2 Jan 28
Class 3 Feb 11
Class 4 Feb 25
Class 5 Mar 4
Class 6 Mar 18
Annual General Meeting Apr 1
Open House Apr 15


Full memberships for 2024-25 are $100.00. Classes are free with the full membership. Associate memberships are $50.


Basic: are those who need guidance in reading stitch patterns or who are new to the technique.

Intermediate: are those who understand stitch patterns but may need guidance; have taken the technique or similar one at the basic level; have a basic understanding of colour and design.

Advanced: are those who can read charts and stitch diagrams with ease; good understanding of stitch technique; good understanding of colour and design; able to work independently.


We normally offer 6 class options for each term. Each member can choose 1 class per term (Fall and Winter). Membership is $100 for the year and the two classes are free. Registration for classes will be in person on Tuesday September 10th from 10 am to noon. Teachers for all classes will be there with samples of the work. If you cannot come on September 10th, please send in your Registration Form and your money with a friend. You may also Register by postal mail if you mail by August 28th.

Fall 2023 Class List –
for information only

We are still developing the list of classes for the 2024-25 year. We have included the descriptions of LAST YEAR’S classes, below, so you can see the types of things we offer.

Beg Emb sample photo


Marsha Fontes

You’ll learn about the types of fabrics used for embroidery as well as how to transfer your embroidery pattern onto the fabric. You’ll learn about preparing your threads for embroidery & how to start and end a thread. We’ll talk about different needles and threads as well as different scissors you’ll need for your embroidery. We’ll talk about different types of hoops and what you should have in your embroidery kit. Plus you’ll learn to execute 16 different stitches to use in your project, which will give you a good foundation for any embroidery project.

Skill Level: Beginner and up

Supply List

Beaded BW Sampler with inset


Barbara Lee Johnson

Blackwork is a counted thread technique that uses backstitch to create various patterns and motifs. This class will focus on learning how to stitch some of these patterns to create a sampler. Beads will be used to enhance some of the patterns. Open to all levels of experience.

Skill Level: All Levels

Supply List

Deerfield montage


Alison Jackson

Deerfield Embroidery is known for its blue colours, but it can be done in other monochromatic colours.
Participants will create their own design from a variety of motifs, provided by the instructor. They will then learn the various stitches used in this type of Crewel work from Deerfield, Massachusetts.

Skill Level: All Levels

Supply List

alt photo collage


Sue Ronchka and Catherine Schuler

“What Can I Do With Grandma’s Doilies?”

Love Vintage?? Old fabric, that is!
Join in this non-traditional class as we explore together, finding ways to use your embroidery skills and vintage fabric pieces (think of doilies, hankies , dresser scarves, tablecloths or lace items) to create a 2-D or 3-D design.
Catherine and Sue will ”facilitate” the group learning and problem-solving so that everyone helps each other to formulate a design and create a meaningful fabric art piece. You will use techniques such as fabric collage, embroidery, especially crazy quilting stitches, and different types of embellishments.
Participants must be comfortable in an “unstructured “ class format where there is no formal teaching and no pattern provided but there is lots of support and encouragement to be creative. Beginner level stitch skills needed.
So if you think you would enjoy this new type of class venture, then look for the box in your attic marked “Grannie’s Linens” or hit the thrift stores for a few vintage fabrics. Then join us with some ideas of what you want to learn, to express and to create.

Skill Level: Intermediate

Supply List



Judy Eckhardt

Join me as we explore some unusual stitches that will expand your stitch library and go beyond the basics of hand embroidery. Some are knotty knots and some are not knotty knots, but each one is exciting to learn as we create this little stitcher’s storage project.
At the same time, we will be working with a thread, new to me, called FLOCHE. Its wonderful vibrant rainbow colours work together to create a happy and fun filled piece. It is easy to use and comes precut to size so no more tangled thread bundles. Knowledge of the basics of hand embroidery expected.
There will be a $20 kit fee. The kit will include 12 colours of floche and your fabrics.

Skill Level: Confident Beginner

Kit Fee $20

Supply List

Wool App montage


Bridget O’Brien

Wool appliqué is a wonderful way to learn new embroidery stitches and use embellishments to create fanciful folk art. Create your own project or use patterns from the teacher, including: fanciful birds; embellished circles; vases; or a folk art house. Learn about different types of needles, threads, embellishments and wools. Use cotton fabrics from your stash. In the class, we will cover some basic stitches and have fun trying some advanced stitches.

Skill Level: Beginner to Intermediate

Supply List

Classes are the Heart of the Canadian Embroiderers Guild Guelph


The Independent table is here for you to plan or work on your own project or do research in the library. You’ll also have time to consult with fellow embroiderers about your ideas.


Please note, the classes below were from our 2023-24 year. The 2025 Winter classes  have not yet been set. Check back in mid-August to see what the new offerings will be.

Whitework sample photo in circle


Ana-Maria Kramer

Come to explore and learn the beautiful art of WHITEWORK Embroidery. Whitework embroidery is simply stitching with white threads on white fabric and FINE WHITEWORK is using a variety of finer threads to execute a variety of simple stitches on some lightweight, fine fabrics. If you have never tried Whitework perhaps this is the time to start. Those who are familiar with Whitework are welcome to come and hone their Whitework stitching and share in this learning experience.
We will begin with reviewing and practising some stitches in the first lesson and also discuss and plan a possible project for the rest of the course time. You will review or learn 2 stitches at the beginning of each lesson and then work on your project the rest of the course lesson time.

Skill Level: Intermediate +

Kit Fee: $20

Supply List

alt Jewelry collage photo


Laura Dobrindt

This class will use a couple of basic stitches and a variety of threads to create an assortment of jewelery that is light in weight. This is a chance to practice needlelace techniques and some bead work. Each piece will be unique.

Skill Level: All levels

Supply List

Kogin photo for newsletter

KOGIN EMBROIDERY – Japanese Pattern Darning

Pat Bowley

Pattern darning is a counted thread technique which is characteristic of many ethnic or cultural embroidery traditions. Rows of straight or running stitches are worked from one side of the work to the other, to create a repeating pattern which results in a geometric design. In this class, embroiderers will learn unique features of the Kogin technique. Some patterns will be available, and each person will choose 2-3 patterns to make a pincushion or bean bag or needle book to add to their own sewing kit. Samples and patterns of other projects will be available for those who finish the introductory project and want to make something else.

Skill Level: All Levels

Supply List

scroll photo collage


Joanne Oldridge and Anne Peters

This class will be a relaxed and creative introduction to using paint and mark making to create a scroll. Your imagination will guide you as you paint and assemble your unique, painted pieces of fabric into a long narrow strip. We will consider the principles of value, line and texture as we create a path for the eye to follow. Your free style embroidery will lead the eye from one patch to the next, creating a cohesive whole. Finally, the piece is lined and the edges finished with hand stitching, wrapped around a spool or stick or left as is.

Skill Level: All levels

Kit Fee $10

Supply List

sashiko jean jacket and cushion


Jane Londerville

Sashiko is a traditional Japanese needlework technique that involves stitching geometric designs in heavy cream-coloured thread on indigo fabric. This course will:

  • Cover a brief history of Sashiko
  • Describe how to do the stitching and how it differs from regular embroidery
  • Demonstrate how to mark Sashiko designs onto fabric
  • Help students plan and complete a project using Sashiko techniques

After test stitching on a small pre-marked project, participants will decide whether to stitch either:
A cushion with either a sampler set of designs or an all over design


Add Sashiko stitching to a recycled garment such as a jean jacket

Skill Level: Beginner

Kit fee $25

Supply List

Img_0844 cropped


Mavis Brown

This course is designed to expand on the basic principles of stumpwork. There will be techniques which can be used as alternatives to the basic style. We will work with symmetry in designing, and completing our stumpwork butterflies with thread painting techniques.

Skill Level: Intermediate

Supply List

Classes are the Heart of the Canadian Embroiderers Guild Guelph


The Independent table is a place to be social while working on your own project.