We’re looking forward to seeing your pieces at our Open House display! Please let us know what you’ll be bringing and we’ll print a pretty little card with the name of your piece and your name. Don’t worry if you find something last minute. Bring it along on April 16th and we’ll hand-print a card for it.

We’ll have more of these forms available on class days and at Open House.

Do you like to make hole-y cards? If you need a reminder of the size of the openings on the cards, download the Openings Template. If you want full instructions on how to install your artwork into the card, download Assembly Instructions. Both docs are in PDF format with a ruler included so you can be sure your printer is using the same size as our scanner.

What do we recommend for our basic sewing kit? Find out here.

Click for newly updated, downloadable lists of our library books, in PDF format.

Please do wear a nametag at each class! We have prepared a kit with all the materials you would need. The design is up to you! Kits are available on class days for $2. If you prefer to raid your own stash, here is what we put in our kits: