Class lists and descriptions are now live on the “Classes” page.

Have a look and see what entices you!

Registration Day will be Tuesday September 12, 2023 from 10 am to noon at Kortright Presbyterian Church, in Guelph. Our Registration Form has more information about how to register, even if you cannot come in person.



Classes are the heart and soul of the Guild and we are excited to be holding in person sessions once again.

Class lists are now here. Have a look and see what gets you excited!

Don’t forget that the Independent group is always available for those who have their own project on the go!


For the 2023-24 year, Full Memberships will be $100 and Associate Memberships will be $50.

Member benefits include:

– afternoon speakers and mini workshops, demonstrations, films.
– 1-2 workshops each year (extra cost)
– field trips (extra cost)
– library resources
– information about workshops, classes, displays, juried shows etc. in other centres.
– Annual Open House and display of work
– newsletter three times a year

In addition, Full Members can take one class each term.


APRIL 2024


Our Open House is a visual feast of the work of over 50 artists and a retrospective of not only our class work but also the creative work that each of us have been doing on our own.

This once a year event has historically been on a Tuesday but we are considering whether we might have the show on a Saturday this time. More research is needed so the exact date of our show is still up in the air but it will be in April.  Our tea room will still accompany the show, of course!