Come join our classes:

  • learn something new
  • refine your technique
  • join the Independent group to do research in our library
  • plan your new project

The camaraderie is great, no matter how you approach it. Class Info



  • (includes registration for fall and winter classes, workshops etc.) $85


  • (includes afternoon programs, workshops, mailings etc.) $40

For more details on how to become a member or to register for classes please click here.


Our Afternoon Programs are open to all. We start at 1 pm sharp and run to about 2 pm. Please join us.

Sept 17   What Have You Been Stitching This Summer?
Bring along your piece(s) for show and share...

Oct 1   “Needles, Scissors & Hoops”
There’s always something new to learn about these embroidery essentials.

Oct 15   How to Develop Your Design Skills
Speaker: Pat Armour from Toronto

Nov 5   Make Your Own Sketchbook
Hands on project. Cost will be a loonie!

Nov 19   Stash Sale
Bring your unwanted but good sewing “stuff” and buy some “new to you” sewing supplies that YOU need. P.S. Don’t forget your loonies and toonies (and more?)!

Dec 3   “Precious Pieces”
Bring a family heirloom or precious piece and tell us its story! Does not need to be stitching.



Turqouoise Pin by Renata Georgeff
RSN Workshop by Mavis Brown
Pincushion by Pat Bowley
Gazebo and Rock Garden by Dana Trimble inspired by VanDusen Royal bot Garden
Back Forty by Hazel Alexander

Open House is a beautiful Fibre Art show with about 50 artists each showing a few works. For 2020, the show will be on Tuesday, April 28th from 1-5 pm. As well as the work of the Guild members, you will see demonstrations of different styles of embroidery, throughout the afternoon. Relax in the Tea Room with friends or fellow enthusiasts. Handmade greeting cards will also be for sale. Frame them for yourself or give them to someone special!


  • Water Fantasy Challenge
    October 11, 2019

    This year’s challenge will be a “Water Fantasy” theme and be a “Brown Bag” challenge. Those deciding to sign up to do the challenge will be given a brown bag in week 5 (November 19). You must sign up in week 3 and 4 to get a brown bag in week 5.
    You’ll receive a variety of fabric pieces which will include a piece of very fancy material that was donated….think of texture, glitter, sequins, gold or silver threads. Let your mind wander as you think about the theme. Be creative; plan. Then sew, embroider, bead or otherwise embellish or whatever……
    For full details click here.

  • Selling Opportunities
    August 30, 2019

    Do you sell your work? There are 2 opportunities coming up that might suit you.
    One is the Bo Peep Market in Elora on the evening of Fri Sept 27 and the day of Sat Sept 28. See for details and contact information.
    The other is the Christmas Market at the Shops at Paisley. This will take place in Guelph from Fri Nov 29 through to Sun Dec 1. Vendors are asked to submit an application by Aug 31st but this deadline is somewhat flexible. See the poster here.