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  • learn something new
  • refine your technique
  • join the Independent group to do research in our library
  • plan your new project

The camaraderie is great, no matter how you approach it. Class Info



  • (includes registration for fall and winter classes, workshops etc.) $85


  • (includes afternoon programs, workshops, mailings etc.) $40

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Embroidery work by Frances Fordham
Beautiful Stepsister 1 by Joanne Oldridge
Tropical Blossoms by Sue Ronchka
Embroidery by Ana Maria Kramer
Northern Ontario by Edna Mumford

Open House is a beautiful Fibre Art show with about 50 artists each showing a few works. For 2017, the show will be on Tuesday, April 18th from 1-5 pm. As well as the work of the Guild members, you will see demonstrations of different styles of embroidery, throughout the afternoon. Relax in the Tea Room with friends or fellow enthusiasts. Handmade greeting cards will also be for sale. Frame them for yourself or give them to someone special!


  • Class lists for 2017-18 are posted!
    August 18, 2017
    A description of all classes is now ready on the Classes page. Scroll down past the general information and you will see the new lists. The newsletter should be out next week.
  • What Canada Means to Me
    June 28, 2017
    Ann Bernard sends us this news about her upcoming blog posts: Laura Dobrindt offered me the pieces made by our Guild to display at The Village of Arbour Trails, at 32 Bayberry Drive in Guelph, on July 3. When they arrived here and I was looking through them, I realised that we had all created something very special. I selected and put together a seven day series (each containing 8 pieces) for a blog presentation of our work on my website. It was a fascinating, impressive and emotional experience. It gave me goosebumps. Until you go through the binders in the intensive way that I have done you will not be aware of the rich truth we have created about Canada. Believe me - it is special. I selected pieces that told a story about Canada. The writings are included with each piece. All are unnamed. If your piece did not get selected I commiserate. My pieces did not get selected either. The pieces chosen were those that fitted a theme. I put this blog together because it came here to be exhibited at Arbour Trails and I had the opportunity. It has been a great experience.


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